Remy van den Berg

PO Box 33
QLD 4103

Tel: 1300 205 149

Your local guy: Remy van den Berg
Remy comes to Call a Cooler from the flower industry in Holland and brings with him an infectious persona and a non stop attitude to the business. Remy is thriving in South East Queensland and loves relaxing on weekends by hiking in the Hinterland and exploring all that Brisbane and surrounds has to offer.

Q&A with Remy

We asked Remy to tell us a bit about himself. Here is what we learned about our guy in Brisbane

What brought you into the water dispenser business?

I’m originally from the Netherlands and spent the last 9 years in the wholesale flower industry. I joined Call a Cooler Sydney as a Sales Executive and was promoted quickly to Sales Manager for Call a Cooler Brisbane. I am still amazed how many people are ordering water bottles for their needs , the mindset of people seems to be that good water has to come out of bottles. I’m on a quest to change people’s mindset.

How long have you been servicing Brisbane?

1 year!

What do you enjoy about the business?

I love helping people with a better solution for their water needs. I’m sure it is an advantage that I really love the product that we offer

What’s the typical customer experience once they ring you up or fill in a contact form on the website?

When we approach businesses with our Product, most customers understand the differences that sets us apart, if they can save some money and it is, at the same time, convenient and clean, customers are happy to join Call a Cooler.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Service. Our fast response times on any problems the customer may have. There’s no waiting around on the phone line or anything else and we attend to your needs as a priority

We are a local company but most of all we are just real.

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