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Searching for a better water cooler for your home or office? Call a Cooler water dispensers in Western Sydney can help. For less than the price of cuppa per day, our coolers are a risk-free purchase. Sign up our FREE 7 DAY NO RISK TRIAL OFFER to see for yourself.

Western Sydney Water Coolers

We looked at existing water cooler installations and thought: “there must be a better way!” Getting large bottles delivered is messy and a pain to refill for your back. Our Call a Cooler water dispensers use what is available in your home – clean tap water – which we then filter and dispense to you chilled or hot. It’s a better way to drink water, and it’s better for the environment (no more bottles) and your back!

Meet the Call a Cooler expert in Western Sydney

call a cooler water dispenser sophia



From $11 Per Week


The Sophia water cooler is ideally suited for homes or small offices who won’t requite multiple refills a day. You manually refill your Sophia water cooler at your leisure and it dispenses refreshing drinking water – hot or cold or cool.

Should you ever desire to upgrade your Sophia to a directly connected (plumbed in) Samantha water cooler – you can! Sophia’s come equipped with a plumbing option.

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call a cooler water dispenser samantha



From $11 Per Week


The Samantha water dispenser is the Sophia cooler directly connected to your water supply*. It gives you an unlimited supply of filtered water which can be chilled or heated.

Ideally suited for larger offices or for homes where plumbing connections are close at hand, Samantha is an ultra-convenient way to drink filtered water.

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call a cooler water dispenser allegra



From $14 Per Week


Allegra offers instant hydration and convenience within arm’s reach. Crisp, clean hot and chilled water on your benchtop or desk connected to your water supply.*

For those that want their filtered water at their desk or counter, there’s no better water cooler!

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call a cooler water dispenser allegra



From $15 Per Week


The premium office cooler in our range, Audrey delivers cold, hot and boiling water through its unique iBoil technology.

A stylish design and smartly crafted features dispense unlimited drinking water at a very affordable price*.

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All prices exclude GST. For corporate rates, get in touch with us.

* Direct Connect Water Coolers require a licensed plumber installation to connect to your home or office’s water supply. Additional charges apply.

Save Time

You don’t have to worry about ordering water bottles

Spend Your Savings

On some your family and friends

Reclaim Floor Space

No bottles wasting valuable office space

Great for your taste buds

And eco-friendly

Our Customers Love Their Cooler

“We started using Call a Cooler on a trial basis when we moved offices, and have not looked back. The filtered water tastes great and is extremely convenient. Accompanied with the outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, we can not recommend them enough!”

Grant JohnstonOperations Manager, Investment Trends

“The water tastes great, its convenient, clean and the cost savings are quite huge. Water services are a huge rip-off in general- this IS a real alternative!”

Bruce BigelowDirector, Electric Art

“Call a Cooler offers a professional and efficient service. The water coolers are of high quality and we personally found the water taste was better than any other water cooler options on the market. Best of all we don’t have to store water bottles and we never run out of water! Their competitive pricing is a bonus!”

Michelle RomeoDirector, Romeos Chair

“We can’t recommend Call a Cooler enough. We drink a lot of water here in the office and since having Call a Cooler it’s taken the hassle out of lifting those heavy jugs, it tastes fantastic and even better it has saved the company hundreds of dollars each year in fees!”

Sian LawrencePA, Fundraising Institute of Australia

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