Ezy Fill Water Cooler

The Water Cooler

for your small business


This is the most popular water cooler for our customers in small offices 

 who don’t have the need to refill the bowl many times during the day.

Good to remember – your water cooler can always be changed to a Direct Connect

as your business grows, and this will accommodate the needs of your staff and customers.

Unlimited supply of filtered water
Less than $2 a day for everyone!
Free of chlorine, rust and sediment
Your tastebuds will love it
Cool, filtered water all year round
Or hot for those morning coffees
Easy to move and place where you need
Includes all sanitising, servicing and filter replacements.

All prices exclude GST. For corporate rates, get in touch with us.

Save Time

No need to order bottles.

Spend Your Savings

On some Jimmy Choos

Reclaim Floor Space

No bottles needed.

Great for your tastebuds

Kind on our backyard.