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For less than the price of a cuppa per day, you can get fresh, filtered drinking water to your home or office in Melbourne’s CBD and metro region. We think you’ll agree, Call a Cooler water dispensers are worth every penny. Take up our FREE 7 DAY NO RISK TRIAL OFFER to see for yourself.

Melbourne Water Coolers

Clean, filtered water to your home or office

When looking for a cost-effective “bottle free” water cooler for your home or office, consider Call a Cooler Melbourne. We’re ultra-responsive and ultra-price competitive in our approach – and we like to think, if you’re after a clean supply of chilled or hot filtered water, we are your ideal partner.

Choose from four great water cooler options for your home or office. No need to lift heavy bottles
anymore! Pipe it in directly* or refill your water dispenser tap water and let our filtered coolers do
the rest. Delicious, filtered water, hot or cold, straight to your cup! It’s that easy.

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call a cooler water dispenser sophia



From $11 Per Week


For homes or small offices that don’t need to refill many times a day – Sophia is the most cost-
effective way to dispense chilled or hot filtered water to your family or colleagues.

As your water consumption increases, you can upgrade your Manual Refill Sophia to a Direct Connect Samantha.

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call a cooler water dispenser samantha



From $11 Per Week


If you’re wanting an unlimited supply of filtered water, you’ll want your cooler plumbed in* and
that’s where Samantha comes in.

Ideally suited for large offices, Samantha is the Sophia Cooler directly connected to your water
supply by a licensed plumber*. Samantha gives you an endless supply of filtered water.

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call a cooler water dispenser allegra



From $14 Per Week


Crisp, clean hot and chilled water on your benchtop or desk connected to your water supply*.

Allegra offers instant hydration and convenience within arm’s reach.
For those that want their filtered water close at hand, there’s no better water cooler!

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call a cooler water dispenser allegra



From $15 Per Week


The premium office cooler in our range, Audrey delivers cold, hot and boiling water through its
unique iBoil technology.

Beautifully designed with smart features, Audrey delivers unlimited water through its direct
‘plumbed in’ connection*.

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All prices exclude GST. For corporate rates, get in touch with us.
* Direct Connect Water Coolers require a licensed plumber installation to connect to your home or
office’s water supply. Additional charges apply.

For your home or office in Melbourne

We don’t sell water coolers. We lease them. This allows us to keep your water cooler and filters in tip-top shape. That means clean, delicious drinking water that’s healthier – and you’ll be pleased to know – one that will likely come in much cheaper than an alternative system.

Take up our FREE TRIAL OFFER to find out for yourself.

Plumbed In- Direct Connection

In terms of water coolers, the most convenient option is the “direct connect” or “plumbed in,” whereby the water cooler is hooked up to your existing water supply and the water filtered, cooled, or heated. We call these water coolers “Samantha” and “Audrey“. If you’re after unlimited filtered H2O, then the Samantha water cooler and the Audrey water cooler are what you’re after.

Learn more about our plumbed in water coolers by clicking on Samantha or Audrey.

Plumbed In- Direct Connection

In terms of water coolers, the most convenient option is the “direct connect” or “plumbed in,” whereby the water cooler is hooked up to your existing water supply and the water filtered, cooled, or heated. We call these water coolers “Samantha” and “Audrey“. If you’re after unlimited filtered H2O, then the Samantha water cooler and the Audrey water cooler are what you’re after.

Learn more about our plumbed in water coolers by clicking on Samantha or Audrey.


Our best value offering is the “bottleless” refill water cooler we call Sophia; a more cost-effective water cooler because it only requires manual refills before it dispenses that cool or heated filtered water. If refills aren’t a problem for you, then Sophia is by far your best bang for your paying dollar.

Discover our most cost-effective water cooler. Learn more about Sophia.

Testimonials from our Clients in Melbourne

Call a Cooler is Better

Are you paying too much for your water cooler?

If you’re currently in possession of a bottled water cooler, you’re in for a shock. Those expensive bottle deliveries that take up space in your home or office will struggle to compete with a Call a Cooler rental.

There are no bottles to supply with Call a Cooler. We filter your water supply. There’s no expensive storage of cumbersome bottles with Call a Cooler. No OH&S concerns with lifting those heavy bottles either.

Best of all, we clean and maintain your water coolers regularly!

Regularly cleans for better drinking water

Think about it. If you’re buying a water cooler or are renting a bottled dispenser – does anyone actually come to clean it? That’s quite often not the case. A water cooler is purchased, bottles are delivered, and the sanitation of the unit can be long forgotten.

Over time, exposure to a moist environment and external elements like exposed water bottles are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or pests after a quick drink.

You won’t find that scenario unfolding with Call a Cooler Melbourne as your supplier. We’ll come to clean and sanitise the unit regularly to make sure the filters and the water cooler are working as they should be and that you’re drinking water that’s good for your health. That’s our commitment to you.

Drinking clean water is good for your health

Water makes up between 50-80 percent of our lean body mass. It helps maintain the appropriate body temperature (by sweating when you’re hot for example). It also helps with digestion and with the absorption of nutrients. It’s very important for our wellbeing.

Australian Dietary Guidelines aren’t overly specific with how much we should drink as this can vary from person to person, but they do state we “should drink plenty of water” (and that’s not surprising as we are living in a warm and sun-drenched continent…)

A quick search of the Internet returns the eight glasses rule!

“There are many different opinions on how much water we should be drinking every day. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 litres, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.”

16 Aug 2016, Healthline

Get a “bottleless” cooler – it’s good for the environment

We decided to get into the water cooler industry because we saw an opportunity to offer a water cooler solution to homes and offices in Melbourne that didn’t add more used water bottles to our landfills.

Call a Cooler Melbourne’s water coolers don’t come with delivered bottled water. We don’t have fleets of trucks delivering one-use or limited-use plastic tubs across Melbourne. We don’t need them. We’ve found a better way to bring you filtered, cool, chilled or heated water to your premises without the plastic and the diesel fumes!

If you’re not going to do it because it’s cheaper, or because it’s cleaner and healthier, then trial a Call a Cooler unit because it comes without the plastic waste. It’s a small step towards reducing your carbon footprint and it will be our pleasure to help you do it.

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Call a Cooler – Clean, filtered water for Melbourne!

Save Time

Don’t worry about ordering water bottles

Spend Your Savings

Treat yourself or a friend

Reclaim Floor Space

No bottles wasting valuable office space

Great for your taste buds

And eco-friendly

Our Customers Love Their Cooler

“We started using Call a Cooler on a trial basis when we moved offices, and have not looked back. The filtered water tastes great and is extremely convenient. Accompanied with the outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, we can not recommend them enough!”

Grant JohnstonOperations Manager, Investment Trends

“The water tastes great, its convenient, clean and the cost savings are quite huge. Water services are a huge rip-off in general- this IS a real alternative!”

Bruce BigelowDirector, Electric Art

“Call a Cooler offers a professional and efficient service. The water coolers are of high quality and we personally found the water taste was better than any other water cooler options on the market. Best of all we don’t have to store water bottles and we never run out of water! Their competitive pricing is a bonus!”

Michelle RomeoDirector, Romeos Chair

“We can’t recommend Call a Cooler enough. We drink a lot of water here in the office and since having Call a Cooler it’s taken the hassle out of lifting those heavy jugs, it tastes fantastic and even better it has saved the company hundreds of dollars each year in fees!”

Sian LawrencePA, Fundraising Institute of Australia

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