Basic Bananas is a marketing education company for small to medium size business.

“We here at Basic Bananas are always trying to improve processes we have in place and to make those processes as sustainable as possible. Previous to Call a Cooler we had bottled water at the office, but the huge amount of plastic wastage in the world was something we didn’t want to contribute to any longer.

Call a Cooler is not only sustainable but also efficient. We love that we are no longer producing large amounts of plastic waste! It’s also a bonus that the Call a Cooler system includes a filter, which makes the water much better for you than say drinking water straight from the tab.

Since we run marketing educational workshops we frequently offer coffee or tea to our members. Having a hot water tab as well as a cold water tab comes in really handy! Drinking the filtered water from our Call a Cooler water tank has left us feeling more eco-friendly and healthier! We would never go back to using bottled water!”

Hanna Metz

Media & Public Relations Manager

Basic Bananas

Landline: 02 8417 8011

Address: Level 1, 1451 Pittwater Road, North Narrabeen, NSW, 2101

Great water. Exceptional Service

“We started using Call a Cooler on a trial basis when we moved offices, and have not looked back. The filtered water tastes great and is extremely convenient. Accompanied with the outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, we can not recommend them enough!”

Grant JohnstonOperations Manager, Investment Trends

“The water tastes great, its convenient, clean and the cost savings are quite huge. Water services are a huge rip-off in general- this IS a real alternative!”

Bruce BigelowDirector, Electric Art

“Call a Cooler offers a professional and efficient service. The water coolers are of high quality and we personally found the water taste was better than any other water cooler options on the market. Best of all we don’t have to store water bottles and we never run out of water! Their competitive pricing is a bonus!”

Michelle RomeoDirector, Romeos Chair

“We can’t recommend Call a Cooler enough. We drink a lot of water here in the office and since having Call a Cooler it’s taken the hassle out of lifting those heavy jugs, it tastes fantastic and even better it has saved the company hundreds of dollars each year in fees!”

Sian LawrencePA, Fundraising Institute of Australia

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