Sydney Lounge Specialist is a manufacturer and retailer of lounges. Ivy Deng, the owner in charge of sales, explains why they love Call a Cooler.

Our sales showroom is located in Wetherill Park in a large warehouse. We have lots of stock on display for our customers to view and to help them choose their new lounge. They can look over our range of styles as well as many samples of different fabrics, colours, and designs that we have on display. For much of the time we may only have one or two customers in the showroom, but frequently on the weekend, we can find ourselves with half a dozen or more families spending many hours in our showroom as they weigh up their options for choosing a new lounge or sofa etc.

It is close to impossible to predict what our demand for water might be at any particular time because we can quickly go from having almost no one in the showroom to having a whole bunch of people wandering around trying out our lounges and chairs to see what they find would be most suitable for their home. If we had a traditional bottle type water cooler, it would be impossible for us to predict how many bottles to order. Plus, it can create an unsightly mess if the bottles are not well managed and stored neatly. In other words, I would have to spend my valuable time working out how many bottles of water to order and I would be worrying about whether or not they would turn up before the weekend.

Having a Call a Cooler system means that I have unlimited water on tap. So I don’t have to be concerned with knowing the weekend weather forecast early and then trying to predict when and how many bottles of water I might need to order.

All I need to do is check that my Call a Cooler system is properly topped up and if the showroom is busy then I can simply ask my customers to help themselves to a drink of cold water or tea or coffee while they wait for me to finish with another customer.

I can be confident that no matter how many people are in the showroom, we will have enough water to cope with the demand because we have unlimited water with Call a Cooler.

Also, it is very convenient, because I don’t need to be concerned with lifting and changing the heavy bottles or cleaning the machine. I know that Mark or one of his staff from Call a Cooler will turn up on a regular basis to clean and service our drinking water cooler and all I have to do is fill it up as required.

So, do yourself a favour and get a Call a Cooler system for hassle-free, unlimited water!”

Ivy Deng

Owner, Sydney Lounges

Sydney Lounge Specialist

Landline: 02 9609 2622

Address: 21 Bentley Street, Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164

Great water. Exceptional Service

“We started using Call a Cooler on a trial basis when we moved offices, and have not looked back. The filtered water tastes great and is extremely convenient. Accompanied with the outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, we can not recommend them enough!”

Grant JohnstonOperations Manager, Investment Trends

“The water tastes great, its convenient, clean and the cost savings are quite huge. Water services are a huge rip-off in general- this IS a real alternative!”

Bruce BigelowDirector, Electric Art

“Call a Cooler offers a professional and efficient service. The water coolers are of high quality and we personally found the water taste was better than any other water cooler options on the market. Best of all we don’t have to store water bottles and we never run out of water! Their competitive pricing is a bonus!”

Michelle RomeoDirector, Romeos Chair

“We can’t recommend Call a Cooler enough. We drink a lot of water here in the office and since having Call a Cooler it’s taken the hassle out of lifting those heavy jugs, it tastes fantastic and even better it has saved the company hundreds of dollars each year in fees!”

Sian LawrencePA, Fundraising Institute of Australia

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