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7 Common Misconceptions About Water Coolers

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When it comes to water coolers, there are a lot of misconceptions.

They cost too much, they require maintenance, and they take up space. It’s not until you do your research that you begin to understand that these are all fallacies. Let’s look at the 7 most common misconceptions about water coolers.

1. Water Coolers Are Expensive 

With a water cooler, you can have cold filtered water from as little as $1.60 per day. That’s significantly less than a 600mL water bottle from the convenience store which you can expect to pay $2.50+. And you get a lot more water than 600mL, meaning it’s not just you that benefits. Plus when you factor in the convenience of a water cooler vs buying water bottles, the argument that water coolers are expensive just doesn’t hold water. Yep, I just went there, pun intended.

2. You Need to Clean Your Water Cooler

Yes water coolers require cleaning but not by you. You shouldn’t have to do anything when it comes to maintaining your water cooler. Your water cooler provider should offer this. If you do have any problems your cooler provider should fix or replace the machine.

3. Water Coolers Don’t Actually Do Anything

What do water coolers actually do? They filter your water. Here is a test: fill up a glass with tap water and hold it up to the sunlight. See the microscopic things swirling around in your water? Now fill up your glass from a water cooler. Do you notice the difference? Tap water can include sentiments from rusting pipes but with a water cooler you filter these things out and your body is better for it.

4. Water Coolers Only Offer Cold Water

When you imagine a water cooler, you probably think of cold water. Yet today’s water coolers offer both cold and hot options. That means you can conveniently make tea and coffee, while cold water keeps you refreshed on those hot days. Your bottled water from the convenience store doesn’t offer this flexibility.

5. Water Coolers Require Buying Water Bottles

This is a common misconception. Yes, some providers require you buy water bottles but not us. Not only is buying water bottles expensive, inconvenient and terrible for the environment but buying bottled water is possibly hazardous to your health. The best option is a water cooler like this one where you fill it up yourself. You simply use tap water (which is of good quality and in abundant supply) and the water cooler does the rest.

6. Water Coolers Take Up Space

The base of a water cooler is no bigger than the perimeter of a basketball. That means you can fit a water cooler in tight spaces. They are not big obtrusive things. If anything water coolers add an element of sophistication to your home or office environment. And they let employees know you care about them and their health.

7. Water Coolers Don’t Offer Customer Support

If you knock over your water cooler playing office cricket then you’re water cooler provider is only a phone call away. At least that’s true for our clients. Whatever support you require, we’re here. Water coolers are not something we set and forget. We maintain and professionally clean your water cooler which includes replacing the filter. We do this for you every six months and it’s inclusive of our service.


Unfortunately a lot of homes and offices miss out on the benefits of having a water cooler for all sorts of reasons that are not justified. Don’t let the common misconceptions above hold you back.

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