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The Benefits Of Lemon In Your Water

By November 14, 2017Uncategorised

Do you put lemon in water? If so, you’re doing more than giving your water a nice twang taste. You’re also improving your health.

1. Better Digestion

More and more research is saying that your gut is a big key to your health. If that’s true then it pays to ingest things that help your stomach do what it needs to do. Lemon helps because it’s atomic structure is similar to your stomach’s digestive juices. This helps cleanse your bowel and aids digestion. It’s why a lot people start their day by putting lemon in water as it helps flush out toxins.

2. Better pH Levels

There are many benefits of balancing your pH levels, and lemon juice certainly helps you do that. This is because lemons are rated as one of the highest alkalizing foods. The funny thing is that lemon is acidic when you consume it but it turns alkaline as your body processes it.

3. Healthier Skin

Lemons are packed with antioxidant properties and vitamin C. This is great because vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis which slows wrinkles, keeping your skin firmer for longer.

4. Reduces Hunger

Drinking water fills you up anyway but when you add lemon you get pectin, a type of fibre that makes you feel full. Just don’t tell this to the restaurants that put lemon in their water. Let’s keep this our little secret.

5. Fresher Breath

The citric acid in lemon acts like a disinfectant, cleansing your mouth and killing bacteria. The downside is that it can also impact tooth enamel so it’s always a good idea to rinse your mouth (drink plain water) afterwards and never brush your teeth straight after drinking lemon juice. A slice of lemon in your water is harmless. Drink on!


If you put lemon in your water you’re aiding your digestive system, balancing your pH levels, making your skin firmer, reducing your hunger and giving yourself a breath of fresh air. Of course to do this you need water first and that’s where we come in. Check out our Ezy Fill Water Cooler, perfect for clean filtered water pre-lemon

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