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How To Clean Your Water Cooler

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Are you trying to clean your water cooler?

Before you start, it’s worth reading the steps below and finding out if your water cooler provider offers a professional cleaning service. Why? Because to clean a water cooler properly is a thorough process and one best done by a professional.

As a water cooler company that offers free cleaning every six months for our clients, this is what we do:

1. Turn power off

In the haste to clean your water cooler it’s easy to forget it’s plugged in. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself or one of your staff. The first thing we do is turn the power off and unplug your water cooler. An easy step but a step sometimes overlooked by the eager cleaner.

2. Remove bowl from top of water cooler, discard filter and clean bowl

Most people focus exclusively on cleaning the water bowl. However that’s like vacuuming your house without moving any furniture – it’s a half job and misses the area that most needs cleaning. The water filter does all the dirty work so to speak and is the main component of your water cooler. It’s best for your health to discard water filters every six months.

3. Empty water from cooler

It’s not just the water bowl that needs emptying. When we clean a water cooler we make sure to remove ALL water within the machine. Otherwise cleaning totally misses the point. The bowl is just one aspect of your water cooler.

4. Remove top of cooler and clean inside

Below where the water bowl sits is the top of the water cooler and this needs to be removed, and thoroughly cleaned.

5. Spray, sanitise and wipe down the outside of cooler. Turn power back on

This is another step easily overlooked but important to the overall cleaning process. We wipe down the outside of your water cooler with a sanitiser. A water cooler will naturally get a lot hands touching it and it’s exposed to your home or office environment so cleaning the outside is important.

6. Install new filter and return bowl to top of cooler

The next thing we do is install the new water filter. No need for you to shop for one, we bring this with us and it’s included in our free cleaning service. You get a brand new filter and fresher tasting water for longer. We then return the bowl to the top and we’re nearly done.

7. Fill with water, check water flow through new filter.

We fill up the water bowl and ensure the new filter is working perfectly. And yes we’ve plugged the machine back in. Of course if anything needs maintenance we can do that on the spot saving you any call outs in future – not that you should expect any issues with a water cooler. Water coolers are not cars.

8. Sanitise taps and check

We’re not done yet. The last and final step is to sanitise the taps and double check that when we leave, you can use the water cooler like you did before we arrived. And that’s it. To clean a water cooler is not overly complicated but it’s not exactly easy to do properly.


The above cleaning process should be done every six months primarily to replace the water filters but to also maintain overall cleanliness of the cooler, inside and out. It’s a thorough process and one that your service provider should offer.

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