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February 28, 2017

Why you need BPA free water bottles

I can’t remember what Coca Cola tastes like. Or Fanta… Or Mellow Yellow… does that drink even exist anymore? Here’s the thing, I don’t drink fizzy drinks and haven’t done so for years. So what do I drink? Well, like most Australians I love a beer and I enjoy a good red wine, but mostly I drink water. What can…
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Your Health
February 26, 2017

The benefits of lemon in your water

Do you put lemon in water? If so, you’re doing more than giving your water a nice twang taste. You’re also improving your health. 1. Better Digestion  More and more research is saying that your gut is a big key to your health. If that’s true then it pays to ingest things that help your stomach do what it needs to…
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