Sean Grant

PO Box 762

Mascot NSW 1460

Tel: 1300 977 486

Your local guy: Sean Grant
With a new perspective on life, Sean spends his weekends bush-walking, hiking, busting sessions at the gym and cooking gourmet meals for his wife and daughters.

Q&A with Sean

We asked Sean to tell us a bit about himself. Here is what we learned about our man in Sydney.

What brought you into the water dispenser business?

I spent the last 17 years running sales businesses across a multitude of different industries and countries. I was introduced to Call a Cooler by a close friend and fell in love with the culture of the organisation, and the Product’s feel good factor missing from my previous role. We offer a product that serves to enhance people’s health by choosing water over other beverages and we are actively trying to reduce single use plastic bottle waste by giving customers a clean, sanitised and environmentally friendly solution.

How long have you been servicing Sydney?

Just over 7 years

What do you enjoy about the business?

Everything really. I like that it’s almost not sales but education; informing customers that there is a smarter way to get your filtered water compared with the traditional model of bottled water deliveries to offices and homes. I love that we are helping the environment with our recent partnering with Carbon Neutral Australia and planting trees in a biodiversity belt in Western Australia

What’s the typical customer experience once they ring you up or fill in a contact form on the website?

I don’t think there is a typical experience? What I do know is that most customers express a genuine look of surprise when they realise there is a better way to get your filtered water. It’s also typical for a customer to be surprised at the speed of service they receive

What sets you apart from the competition?

Service and cost. As an example, we recently saved a business $4100 per annum on their water costs, reduced their energy bill by an estimated $300 pa by offering some industry advice and they got a whole office back from not having to store water bottles, saving them further thousands in rental savings. Call a Cooler just makes good sense

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