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3 Top Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint At Work

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Bite sized steps to being carbon neutral

We realise no one’s perfect and it often feels like we can never be free of doing something that is detrimental to our environment. At Call A Cooler we incorporate  steps whenever we can to do things better. This is why our customers only receive information from us online, no printed paper wherever possible. All of the packing for our water coolers is recycled. The cardboard is recycled with Visy at the Alexandria depot and our polystyrene is bagged and delivered to a recycler in Homebush West, Sydney. The polystyrene is then crushed and turned into pellets for the packaging industry for South Korea.
We have also partnered with Carbon Neutral earlier this month to continue working towards being carbon neutral.
We’ve put together 3 top tips to help your business become a little more carbon friendly.

1. Reduce Physical Waste

Before you go to hit the print button, think twice. Do you really need to?. If so, print double sided, and if your office doesn’t recycle paper, ask for it. Australians are one of the highest users of new technology in the world, so when you’re upgrading your laptops or any electronic equipment, and ink cartridges, remember -these can all be recycled. 

<h4class=”nH g”>2. Reduce Energy Consumption

You will also save some $$ in the process. Install LED lightbulbs which significantly reduce energy used. Turn off your computer and monitors completely when you leave the office. Turn off lights when you’re not using them – common sense we know, but one prime example, and often overlooked, is the bathrooms.

<h4class=”nH g”>3. Choose Sustainable Suppliers

For some organisations, a large portion of their carbon footprint is as a result of embedded carbon emissions from their supply chain. So it’s important to look at not just your own actions and processes, but the suppliers you also choose to work with and use, and the emissions from the production, transport and end use of the goods. Of course, one of these is your water cooler company. A lot of our customers who switched to our water filtration service, didn’t realise how much impact the bottled water industry has on our environment. The oil needed to produce the plastic bottles, the diesel to transport these, and huge wastage in the end product.

Lastly, Thank You

For taking the time to read this and of course to our customers for choosing Call A Cooler, as the alternative to the madness of bottled water. Whilst believing that our vision for Australia to become the first continent free of plastic, bottled water, is possible.

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