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Whilst looking after our backyard.

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Our Mission

To provide a genuine alternative to the madness of the bottled water industry, giving Australians water that is clean, tastes amazing and has a reduced impact on our backyard that is Australia.

Reduced impact on Australia

Our Vision

Is for Australia to become the first continent free of plastic, bottled water. With innovation, dedication and initiative, we can achieve this.

Our Standards

There are currently no regulations for supplying water coolers in Australia. As water is fundamental to our health, we have followed and adopted the European Guidelines for safe drinking water.

Our History

Call a Cooler was born out of frustration at the growing waste and pollution of the disposable bottled water industry in Australia. It’s been 10 years since we opened the doors and we are working hard towards educating Australians that there is a ‘Smarter Way’ with onsite filtration and chilling of your water.

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