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4 Tips To Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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 Easy Steps To Start Today

Life is busy, and we all experience an overwhelming feeling of being time poor. Whilst we all genuinely want to look after our planet, sometimes the effort needed seems to be just that little bit too much. To make it easier, we have put together 4 simple steps you can start doing today at home. What you will also find surprising is not only will you feel better about doing your bit, you’ll be saving some $$$ in the process.

1. Embrace Ugly

Whilst we all like things that are symmetrical ( apparently that’s what separates the good looking ones amongst us) within the fresh produce industry it is a big issue.  So much so, it is estimated that 25- 30% of all of our fruit and vegetables never make it to our supermarkets due to cosmetic imperfections, (such as an apple that has grown a different shape due to hail). So, next time you’re out getting your fruit and veges; shop at your local market where you are more likely to find “ugly” produce. They will also be cheaper! Whilst some of our supermarkets have trialled it, we need to get greater awareness throughout Australia. A great example of this is by France’s third largest grocery retailer, Supermarche with their viral campaign. Here’s to our supermarkets embracing ugly.


2. Recycle And Reuse

Most of us will have a garage that is actually rarely used for our car. It’s the dumping ground for all of our ‘stuff’.  As the old adage goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. So, instead of a costly trip to the tip, put your items online with one of the oldest ‘free stuff’ forums, the Freecycle Network . It is one of the world’s most used free swap networks with over 9 million members- made up of many individual local groups across the globe. It’s free to join and each group is moderated by a local volunteer. A virtuous cycle, where you get more space at home, and you keep the good stuff out of the landfill.

3. Use Reusable Bags When Shopping

With Woolworths and Coles recently stating they are going to ban all single use plastic bags by June 30, 2018, we will need to change our ways. So let’s get into the habit now. Remembering is the hard part, but all it takes is getting into the routine of putting the reusable bags back into your car, as soon as you have unloaded your groceries. If you’ve got little humans at home, make it their task.

4. Avoid Packaged Bottled Water



Of course we had to mention this, as it is fundamental to why Call A Cooler was founded. If you still buy packaged bottled water, be it from the supermarket or with your water cooler you’re doing our planet a major disservice. It isn’t just the plastic packaging, it also the transportation to get the water to the supermarket shelves. It is pure madness – a million plastic bottles are purchased around the world every minute! Just take a minute to really absorb that. It really is insane. At Call A Cooler we are all about people, your health and our backyard that is Australia so inline with our vision, we are currently designing a water bottle that is BPA free, can be re-used over and over and will look the part whether you’re at the beach, office or gym.


Lastly, Thank You

For taking the time to read this and of course to our customers for choosing Call A Cooler, as the alternative to the madness of bottled water. Whilst believing that our vision for Australia to become the first continent free of plastic, bottled water, is possible.


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